Palm Elementary is currently seeking a counselor to add to our amazing staff.

We are very fortunate to have Ms. Freund and Ms. Millage to help us during this time.



Hello! My name is Sara Freund and I'm a Social Emotional Learning and Cultural Proficiency & Inclusiveness Specialist proudly serving 14 Austin ISD campuses, including Palm Elementary! 

Vedria E. Millage, LMSW

Akins Vertical Team Licensed Mental Health Professional (LMHP)

LMHPs partner with the school, family, and community to provide support to students facing challenges to their academic and interpersonal success. We work closely with the campus Counselors, Administrators, other campus mental health providers and Child Study Teams to address barriers that may interfere with learning through the use of assessment, designing interventions, consultation, and coordination of school and community resources. Each LMHP also serves on the district-wide crisis response team and helps facilitate response at our assigned campuses. Palm Elementary is one of the campuses I support and I look forward to working with you this school year in support of your campus community!