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What is the PTA?

"PTA" stands for Parent-Teacher Association, a non-profit organization made up of parents and teachers that exists on the school, local, state and national levels. The purpose of PTA is to partner educators and families together with the unified goal of raising socially and academically strong students. PTA is an arena to discuss school and student needs and then set out together with staff how to address those needs. A PTA's success is based on the strength and dedication of its volunteers and members.

Joining the Palm PTA does not mean that you have to attend a bunch of meetings where you are forced to sign up for volunteering and bake sales. Your $8 membership fee alone will be used to support so many of the incredible events that support teaching and learning at Palm. Each year PTA purchases school T-shirts for all students, donates money to the campus for trips and staff development, and awards as many classroom grants as possible to cover instructional supplies and field trips. Members do not have to have a family member at our school. Membership forms/envelopes are available in the office. If you are interested in joining the PTA board or volunteering, you will not be disappointed!