Svante Palm Elementary

Palm Primary Spelling Bee

Congratulations to all our Spelling Bee participants and winners!

Kinder Winners:      Kinder Bilingual Winners:

1st: Sofia B.             1st: Keyra Renk

2nd: Julian C.           2nd: Aren Renk

3rd. Sarah M.          3rd: Erick Ayala

1st grade winners:    1st grade Bilingual winners:

1st: Azul M.                 1st: Leisy T.

2nd: Aviana N.             2nd: Isabella G.

3rd: Isaiah F.               3rd: Natalie D.

2nd grade winners:     2nd grade Bilingual winners:

1st: Jake L.                    1st: Juan A. 

2nd: Juan A.                  2nd: Abigail N. 

3rd: Isaiah C.                3rd: Katherine S.